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Content Marketing – more than modern PR
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Content Marketing as new marketing mantra will be exerting a significant influence on the B2B communication. Sales communication at the beginning of purchasing process is continously shifting to online channels. This makes Content Marketing getting a new relevance in sales-orientied marketing strategies. Simplified Content Marketing will be customized communication of corporate content specified for communication channels and target groups.

This requires first a profound understanding of digital and physical touchpoints with the target audience within purchasing process. The difference to traditional public relations can be explained by the new content requirements having to be dynamic in different situations and contexts in order to be perceived in times of information overload. A closed PR campaign does not work anymore.

Today it is dynamic and customized content pieces with storytelling approach and indivdualized target group appeal – finally being significantly clear and close to target audiences and conversion objectives. All in all the key to content marketing succes is connected with the active transfer of traditional communication tools, like e.g. case studies and white paper to the Digital Era. Also, customization of image and sales objectives will be crucial to make content marketing be worth use it.


  • Qualitative content is key
  • Content Marketing boosts lead generation and pushes sales success
  • With valuable content you gain the attention of target groups right in the first step
  • Added-value content creates customer loyalty
  • Content marketing improves SEO relevance


In order to exert influence on the customer purchasing process at early stage innovative manufacturing forms actively use Content Marketing.
In an integrated communications approach, including several channels, they create one decisive thing: added value by informing about problem solving solutions.

January 28th, 2016 - Sandra Schaefer

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