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RED NUGGET participated in business speed dating event of SDWBW e.V.
Image source:SDWBW e.V.

RED NUGGET Communications was one of the selected participants of the Business Speed Dating Event of the Suisse German Economic Association in Baden-Württemberg, Germany – SDWBW e.V. On that day a variety of young and experienced entrepreneurs out of business like Advertising, Manufacturing, Mobility and Hospitality Management has been brought together to share their experiences.

The event took place in the GETRAG building in Ludwigburg where also the second RED NUGGET office in Germany is based. Richard Nestler of LBW as the host oft he night and created in his location a pleasant surrounding.

In a 10-minute frequency young and old entrepreneurs randomly got to know each other to talk about businesses, operational challenges and current market development of their branches. An interessting concept which underlined the idea of modern entrepreneurship in its pragmatism and focus on clear facts. A perfect environment to figure out business potentials within a short time.

Janek Andre, Managing Director talked about his impression as follows:

„The knowledge exchange with experienced entrepreneurs is an important input on our way being the leading partner for marketing and digital communications for industrial businesses in the future. During the conversations with participants I realized again how important operational excellence and rapid execution are for company success. In the future it it will be about being fast executing implementation processes.“

December 2nd, 2015 - Sandra Schaefer

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